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Commercial Driving Licenses and CDL Tickets


Commercial Driving Licenses and CDL Tickets in New Jersey

If you face charges from a moving violation and have a commercial driver’s license, call us today for a professional legal consult!

A commercial driver’s license (CDL) represents an essential prerequisite for many forms of employment, including construction work, cross-country transport, deliveries, bus driving, and more. A ticket or suspension for any kind of traffic violation becomes much more than an inconvenience; it could cost you your job.
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How Do Moving Violations Affect You and Your Driver’s License?

When involved in a moving violation in New Jersey, you receive points on your driver’s license as part of the penalty. These points act as negative marks that show up on your license and prove extremely difficult to get rid of. You can accrue points on your license by:

  • Improperly passing other vehicles
  • Not respecting pedestrian crossing signs
  • Disobeying signs, such as One-Way signs or change in speed limit signs
  • Reckless driving
  • Careless driving
  • Disobeying a traffic officer

For every violation, you receive points. Over time, these points build up and, once you have twelve points on your license, the state will suspend it.

Driver’s License Holds

If you have traffic violation tickets that remain unpaid, the New Jersey Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) may put a hold on your driver’s license. This means that you cannot renew your driver’s license and possibly even your vehicle registration until you have paid your penalty in full. This can lead to many difficulties, particularly if you need your vehicle to get to work or care for your family.

An experienced attorney from Simon Sarver, Attorneys at Law, can help you clear the hold on your license. We can also help you clear your driving record and avoid placing additional points on it. An experienced attorney can also save you money by appearing on your behalf in court and arranging for a fine reduction and a payment plan to help you get out from under your outstanding tickets.

Consult the Skilled Traffic Ticket Attorneys of Simon Sarver, Attorneys at Law

If your driver’s license has been negatively affected because of a moving violation ticket, or if outstanding traffic tickets put your driver’s license—and your life—on hold, you need an experienced New Jersey attorney on your side.

Simon Sarver, Attorneys at Law, brings decades of experience and legal knowledge to every client’s case. We understand that each situation is different, and we work with you to understand the unique issues of your case and plan how to best help you.

Our skilled team of lawyers is ready to assist you, from driver’s license tickets and driver’s license holds to hit-and-run and personal injury cases. Call us today for a free consultation at (973) 381-1902.

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