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What to Do After a Work Accident in New Jersey


What to Do After New Jersey Work Accidents

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When you have an accident at work, it’s essential to know what to do afterward to increase your chances of receiving adequate care and compensation. Whether it’s your fault or someone else is to blame, New Jersey workers’ compensation is a safety net put in place for your benefit. A workers’ compensation attorney at Simon Sarver Attorneys at Law can guide you in the process of requesting workers’ comp after you sustain an injury at work.

The law firm of Simon, Sarver, Swetz & Jachts has been protecting injured workers since 1936. When you need representation, our attorneys are at your service to handle your workers’ comp case and negotiate a favorable outcome. With decades of experience in fighting for clients across New Jersey, we understand how critical workers’ compensation can be and aim to help your case reach a satisfactory outcome.

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What Is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation is an employer-paid insurance program that protects workers if they suffer an accident resulting in injury on the job. In New Jersey, it doesn’t matter who is at fault—you can still apply for and receive workers’ comp. Workers’ compensation can give employees the following benefits to offset the costs of medical treatment or costs of living:

  • Medical benefits: These benefits cover a worker’s medical treatment, including hospital stays.
  • Permanent partial benefits: Compensation for a partial permanent disability such as the loss of your extremities or facial features.
  • Permanent total benefits: A worker receives these benefits if they are unable to resume working.
  • Temporary disability benefits: Workers receive this compensation while they are seeking medical care and have been out of work for more than one week.
  • Death benefits: Family members receive these benefits when a workplace accident results in death.

In New Jersey, you are eligible for workers’ comp if:

  • You are an employee
  • You are at work or a work-related function when the accident and injury occur
  • Your employer has workers’ compensation insurance or self-insurance
  • You file your claim within the specified amount of time

Alert Your Employer and Seek Proper Care

As soon as you suffer an injury at your workplace, you must report the accident to your employer so they can guide you on what to do. Failure to follow their directions may void your claim. You have 14 days to report non-injurious accidents, but sooner is better.

Your employer chooses the medical provider you see when an accident occurs and may require you to fill out paperwork. However, if they refuse to provide you with medical assistance, you may choose your doctor, and a lawyer at Simon Sarver Attorneys at Law can help defend you.

Your employer’s insurance company will file a report with the State of New Jersey, and they will review it. Whether they accept your workers’ comp claim depends on your eligibility. If you are in any of the following groups, you may not be eligible for workers’ comp:

  • Seasonal workers
  • Domestic workers such as child caregivers or private contractors
  • Farmworkers on small farms

If your employer or their insurance company denies you workers’ compensation due to exemptions, you need an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to fight for your payment. Simon Sarver Attorneys at Law can represent you to help protect your rights and lend you appropriate assistance after such a trying time.

Fighting Workers’ Comp Problems

After returning to work, within 26 weeks, you must fill out another form further substantiating your claim and your current health status. If you cannot return to work, you may receive more benefits to offset the hardship your new status brings.

It is not uncommon for employers or insurance companies to contest legitimate workers’ comp claims. Additionally, your employer may not fire you if you suffer an injury and must take time off work or receive compensation. These challenges workers face are frustrating when you need the benefits of workers’ comp.

Has your workers’ compensation claim been denied? At Simon Sarver Attorneys at Law, we can aid you in appealing the Division of Workers’ Compensation’s decision. With diligent and persistent research into your defenses, we may be able to help you receive financial benefits to ease the weight of an accident on your shoulders.

When you need a solid defense in the process of appealing workers’ comp, Simon, Sarver, Swetz & Jachts are at your service. Get in touch by phone for a free consultation at 973-310-5131.

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