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Social Media and Incriminating Evidence Online


Social Media and Incriminating Evidence Online in Workers' Comp Cases

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Any content you post on your social media profiles is admissible in court at your workers’ compensation hearing or other court proceedings. Employers and insurance companies can use what you post on social networking websites to deny your workers’ comp claim in less-than-ideal scenarios. If your employer denies your workers’ compensation, it can help to know how to defend your case regarding social media and incriminating evidence online.

A defense attorney at Simon, Sarver, Swetz & Jachts can help you when your employer finds social media evidence implying that you may not be eligible for workers’ compensation. We look at every option for defense and formulate an effective plan of action to help you receive workers’ comp. Our team will aggressively represent you to fight any false implications of workers’ comp fraud and help secure compensation.
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Using Social Media in a Workers’ Compensation Case

Because workers’ compensation fraud is widespread across the country, employers and insurance companies rarely automatically accept a claim without looking for further evidence to substantiate it. If your social media profiles are not private, your employer can use anything you post as a reason to deny your claim. Even if you are not committing workers’ comp fraud, past photos and videos can give the wrong impression and result in claim denial.

Despite it being very easy for employers and insurance companies to use your social media posts as a way to deny you benefits, it can be just as simple to use online profiles wisely to help your case rather than harm it. A lawyer at Simon Sarver Attorneys at Law can advise you on the ideal social media practices to avoid these complicated accusations.

The following advice can be incredibly beneficial to follow while you await your claim’s approval:

  • Don’t make posts regarding your work injury and the required treatment
  • Do not post negative comments regarding your employer or their business operations
  • Avoid posting images or videos of vacations or trips during your rehabilitation period
  • Avoid talking about your workers’ compensation case in any capacity
  • Increase the privacy settings of your social media account(s)
  • Avoid communicating via work devices and email addresses

While it is illegal for your employer to deny you compensation without a legitimate case, it still happens. That’s why you need a skilled workers’ comp lawyer to protect your rights.

Will Social Media Evidence Alter Your Chances for Workers’ Compensation?

Social media evidence may affect your chance of receiving workers’ compensation. If your employer can view your social media posts, pictures, and other online activity, they may have a case to deny your workers’ compensation claim despite its legitimacy. Insurance companies and employers can use any online activity that looks like fraud to counter your claim.

Posting content on social media that makes it appear that you are not injured can be enough evidence to deny your claim. Defense attorneys will scour your social media accounts and use anything that can undermine your integrity to avoid paying your workers’ compensation, even if it requires a search warrant to access them.

You can avoid altering your chances of receiving workers’ compensation by being mindful about what you post online. As deleting posts may appear suspicious, it’s wise to keep all content and edit privacy settings. Unclear actions on social media may lead to a dismissed case in court, especially when contesting a claim denial.

Your Attorney for Social Media Evidence in New Jersey

Extreme caution when using social media is vital during the period while you wait for your New Jersey workers’ compensation approval. The attorneys at Simon Sarver Attorneys at Law understand the complications that social media brings to your case and have the skill to defend your actions online. If your employer denies your workers’ compensation claim, our team will work diligently to help reverse the denial.

We’ve got you covered when it comes to workers’ compensation. Our client-focused process allows us to handle your case with extreme precision. Whether you need aggressive defense in fighting fraud allegations or are dealing with a denied claim, we work to help your financial situation regarding social media and incriminating evidence online.

When you need solid criminal defense in your workers’ comp case, the attorneys at Simon, Sarver, Swetz & Jachts are available to defend your case and negotiate the outcome you want. Contact us any time at 973-310-5131.

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