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New Jersey Safety Rule Violations


Safety Rule Violations In New Jersey

When safety rule violations result in your injury, Simon Sarver Attorneys at Law can help. Call today!

When an employer’s safety rule violations are the reason you got hurt on the job, you can file for workers’ compensation and hire a personal injury lawyer to handle the claim. The OSHA regulations for safety requirements in the workplace protect you from potential hazards and improve occupational safety. An attorney at Simon Sarver Attorneys at Law can aggressively defend your case when you suffer physical and/or mental harm due to your employer’s safety violations.

With over 80 years defending cases involving workplace safety and other legal scenarios, the law firm of Simon, Sarver, Swetz & Jachts has the experience you need to fight your workers’ compensation case effectively. Our client-focused approach is beneficial in handling the unique situations of each client’s workplace accident. When employers violate safety regulations and you suffer an injury, our defense will work to resolve your case in as satisfactory a manner as possible.
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Reporting Safety Violations After a Workplace Injury

Reporting your employer’s safety violations after you suffer an injury due to their negligence has no direct adverse effects on whether you will receive payment, but employers can still deny your claim. Workers’ comp does help employers avoid lawsuits in less severe cases, but employers in New Jersey cannot skirt liability when serious injury occurs. You can report your employer to OSHA if they commit violations such as:

  • Not providing adequate protection against falls
  • Using improper cleanup methods for hazardous materials
  • Obstructing workplace exits and entryways
  • Failing to educate employees on cleanup processes and safety issues
  • Not giving employees proper protective gear such as safety goggles or gloves

After reporting your workplace for safety violations, OSHA will perform the necessary health and safety inspections and give tickets for all violations occurring within six months of the visit. With professional advice from an attorney in New Jersey, you can determine whether additional compensation is necessary to put your life on track after experiencing the horrors of a workplace accident.

If you need to report OSHA violations in addition to an injury, hiring a lawyer at Simon and Sarver Attorneys at Law can be a wise decision to help prepare you for retaliation from your employer. Our track record in recovering over $34 million for our clients speaks to our determination and education regarding workers’ compensation and other important issues. We can guide you through the process of reporting employer safety violations.

Compensation for Injured Workers in New Jersey

Suffering an injury in the workplace already makes you eligible for reimbursement, but when your employer violates safety rules, you may qualify for even more compensation. Unlike in many other states, in New Jersey, employees or third parties can submit a claim against the employer regardless of whether you receive workers’ compensation.

In the case of a serious injury, it may be more beneficial to file a personal injury claim instead. Compensation from a personal injury claim may cover extensive damages, including:

  • Lost wages or future income
  • Medical bills
  • Emotional and mental trauma

In New Jersey, you may not file a personal injury claim after receiving your workers’ comp payment. However, you can file another lawsuit to hold your employer accountable for violating OSHA safety regulations. This system works to protect both parties when one of them seeks to assign blame to the other.

It can be challenging to know what actions to take when safety violations come into play. While the State of New Jersey requires employers to have workers’ compensation or another form of employee insurance, they don’t have to approve your claim. The professionals at Simon Sarver Attorneys at Law can advise you on lawsuits and expectations for compensation for your specific case when such things happen.

When an accident occurs and your employer is to blame, you need a law firm that will fight long and hard to win your case. With three locations across New Jersey, the team of Simon Sarver Attorneys at Law has what it takes to defend you against retaliation when you report safety rule violations and help you seek financial peace after your accident. Whether you need a personal injury lawyer or a workers’ compensation attorney, our legal professionals strive to meet your needs when you suffer a workplace accident.

The dedicated attorneys at Simon, Sarver, Swetz & Jachts know the ins and outs of the laws regarding safety rule violations in the workplace. Contact our office at 973-310-5131 to discuss your employer’s safety violations and what you can do about them.

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